Our reputation is built on our ability to provide a high level of quality and service as well as value for money for our clients. We believe that if we offer a high level of professionalism, quality and service in the construction industry it will, in turn, lead to reliable and lasting working relationships with our current and prospective clients.

In order to achieve a high standard we have control measures in place in our workshop facilities and site operations which are frequently monitored and measured against industry standards, which we endeavour to exceed. All of our staff are encouraged to embrace the company’s long-term view in providing a quality product and service.

On that basis we always aim to:

  • Properly plan and control projects to minimise errors and wastage;
  • Take appropriate action when performance does not exceed company expectation;
  • Conform to standard industry regulations;
  • Develop professional working relationships with clients to achieve our mutual goals and objectives;
  • Use resources efficiently;
  • Communicate the policies company-wide so that we can all clearly understand our long-term goals;
  • Enhance the skills of our personnel which will also improve our products and services;
  • Encourage employees to maintain ethical behaviour both within the company and with clientele;
  • Review company policies and procedures to ensure they are both adequate and effective.
  • Put emphasis on delivering quality outcomes for the work we deliver
  • Build and maintain strong strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Support our customers with their projects and operational needs

AusRam Engineering is firmly committed to providing a quality product and high level of service to our valued clientele in order to build a portfolio we can be proud to put our stamp on.