We Value our Workers, our Environment and our Clients. We subscribe to a WHS&E system for the protection of people (both employees and public), property, plant and equipment, from incidents that can affect health, result in injury or cause damage or other losses.

AusRam Engineering holds the view that the health and safety of people is of paramount importance therefore, any event or circumstance that has potential to injure people shall be immediately addressed.

We accept our legislative responsibility to ensure a healthy, safe workplace by providing and maintaining:

  • Safe plant, machinery, equipment and workplace.

  • Collaboratively designed Safe systems of work.

  • Provision for the monitoring and control of environmental factors in the workplace.

  • Informal and formal training and supervision

  • Commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, clients and our Planet.

  • A real focus on developing our staff and continuously striving to improve quality and service.

The ethos of our company policy demonstrates our committment to continually improving and providing a safe and healthy work environment for both staff and customers alike. And, to do our part for the environment we recycle all scrap metal and keep waste down to a bare minimum.